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Cary Tree FAQ:

Cary Tree Removal

Frequently Asked Questions (Trees present many puzzles.  We try to answer some FAQ):

How are You able to Safely Cut Trees?

  • This is a Great Question.  We have excellent Tree Cutting Equipment.  The right tools truly make a difference.  We properly use our Safety Harnesses and drop cords to keep our team, and your home safe at all times.

Is Your Company Insured?

  • Yes, we are insured.  This is an important question to ask any Tree Professional.

Can you explain your knowledge of Tree Cutting?

  • We have years of experience using professional safety ropes.  Most folks think of chainsaws first and foremost when it comes to tree cutting.  These are essential.  We utilize industrial cords to manage the weight distribution of trees, and remove them in sections.  We perform safety checks on our equipment daily and prior to starting any job.

What Equipment does your team Utilize?    

  • We have numerous industrial grade Stihl Chainsaws.  We have a Professional Chipper, Stump Grinder and Trucks and trailers to remove all of your Trees.  We also use Safety Cords, and Harnesses on all jobs.

Do you Have Protective Equipment?

  • Yes, we take safety very seriously.  In addition to our daily safety meetings, we utilize Safety glasses, protective gloves, safety harnesses, and more.  Our protective equipment ensures our personal safety, and your home safety.

Does Cary Tree Removal have activity on Twitter?   

  • Yes, we periodically send out Tweets, and hope you'll follow us.